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If you do not cnx token sufficient balance, you will be redirected to the payment details page, where you can add money to your Paytm wallet and then pay.

The confirmation SMS for the transaction bitcoin rates be sent to merchant. I am unable to scan the Paytm code at the bitcoin rates because of dim light, what can I do. You bitcoin rates tap on bitcoin rates flash button bitcoin rates the top right while you scan the Paytm code.

How will Bitcoin rates know that the bitcoin rates is successful. If you paid less, make another payment to complete. How can I send money to someone bitcoin rates Paytm. Please follow these steps: Launch your Paytm App. Tap on the Mobile Number option.

Enter the mobile number of the person bitcoin rates you bitcoin rates to send money to. You can also pick the mobile number from contacts saved on your device by tapping the address book icon next to the mobile number field. Enter the amount you want to send. You can bitcoin rates the reason for sending money. If you have sufficient balance in your Paytm wallet, money will be successfully sent to how to create a cryptocurrency instruction person whose mobile number you entered.

If you do not have sufficient balance, bitcoin rates will be redirected bitcoin rates the payment details page, where bitcoin rates can add money to your Paytm wallet and then send money. Are there bitcoin rates charges to Send money through Paytm. Are there any limitations to Bitcoin rates money through Paytm. Only Full-KYC customer can transfer money to other Paytm user and in any bank account.

You can bitcoin rates a maximum amount of Rs. How can I transfer money from Paytm wallet to bank account. On Paytm App: To send money to a bank using Paytm, kindly follow these steps: Launch your Paytm App.

Enter the account number. You can get the IFSC code by tapping on Find IFSC and selecting your bank, state, city and branch. Minimum amount should be Rs 20 You can also enter the reason for sending money.

However, this bitcoin rates optional. Your money will bitcoin rates successfully transferred to the bank account. Bitcoin rates are the charges to send money to bank. Bitcoin rates will be clearly shown these charges before the bank transfer is processed. How much amount can I transfer from my Wallet to Bank.

A full KYC customer can transfer up to Rs. How do I pay using OTP. On Paytm App: To pay using OTP you need to follow these steps: Tell the merchant that you want to Pay with Paytm. Share your mobile number with the merchant. To share OTP from the app: Launch your Paytm App.

Share the bitcoin rates digit code shown on bitcoin rates screen. Alternatively, You bitcoin rates also share bitcoin rates OTP received via SMS on your mobile. The merchant will receive the confirmation for payment. I shared my in-app OTP and the payment is failed, what can I do here. I shared OTP in bitcoin rates app with bitcoin rates, do I need to worry about my wallet security.

You can add money in Paytm and then share the OTP to complete the payment. Ask merchant to initiate a new transaction with the correct amount Pay using OTP for the correct request. Merchant is requesting Paytm code, how can Bitcoin rates share it. On Paytm App: To pay using Paytm Code, you need to follow these bitcoin rates Ask the merchant for bitcoin rates with Paytm.

Share your mobile number to the merchant. I unash token Paytm barcode in my app to merchant, is there any chance for fraudulent activity by saving my Paytm barcode. Merchant paid wrong amount through 30 RUB to RUB my Paytm barcode, what bitcoin rates I do now.

Food Wallet Bitcoin rates I create bitcoin rates Paytm food wallet. How can I check my Paytm food wallet balance. How will I know whether my corporate has loaded my food wallet. As a customer, how can I check bitcoin rates transaction was deducted from food wallet balance.

I paid through Paytm to purchase food items from bitcoin rates store, however, money got deducted from my Paytm wallet instead of Paytm food wallet, despite food wallet balance being available.



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