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This has given me the kick up the backside I needed. I love it and thanks for reading. I am a Registered Nurse of 11 years with a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Most of my process improvement experience is within the Emergency Department and I would like to start a consulting business on bitcoin tools side. How would you recommend I begin this journey.

Hey Jeanne, you have some awesome experience. You can totally make that a full time consulting business. You need bitcoin tools make a list of all the hospitals and emergency centers within 1 hour of where you live. And then one by one talk to the bitcoin tools administrators or director and tell them how bch coin can save more bitcoin tools, more lives, and increase capacity…etc with your help.

Hospitals are always looking to cut costs and if you are able to save them money then your contract would pay itself. It will be a slow roll to get started but if you talk bitcoin tools enough hospitals eventually they will start saying yes. Here are 12 proven steps to starting a business while working full time:1.

Throw Away Your Business Plan. What is your product. Who are your target customers. What is really unique about it. How are you planning bitcoin tools distribute your product to customers. Where will your revenue come from. What are forex online exchange major costs.

This type of plan is perfect if your have a day job, because it takes a lot less time than an old style business plan, and your time is precious.

Test Your Idea Like CrazyJust because you have a great idea does not mean the market is going bitcoin tools agree. Example of Bad Survey Questions:What do you think about XYZ idea.

Tell me about your problems with medical paperwork. Examples of Good Survey Questions:Do you file your medical bills. I make a point to do it4. Start Generating RevenueIf you have done your homework and spoken with enough customers, you will find customers willing to pay bitcoin tools for your MVP or a variant bitcoin tools it.

Network Like CrazyUse the fact that you still have a job as fuel to network like crazy. Jump In Full Time (and Quit)If you have taken all of these steps, you have a growing business that has launched a basic product or service. Now open them again and start planning your future bitcoin tools an entrepreneur. Fans of This Also Enjoyed. Author Rob Kornblum helps entrepreneurs start from which ATM you can withdraw money without a commission from the card alfa bank salary grow successful bitcoin tools businesses.



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