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Switch to a creator accountOnce your email pair of bitcoin ruble is is verified and you are now logged in, click on the creator link under Account as indicated below.

Switch to Creator AccountThis will switch your profile to a creators profile which will allow you to upload and sell online courses on the Kobocourse platform. Accept our creator terms and condition and click Switch to creatorAgree to our terms and condition and click on Switch to creator Your Kobocourse Creator DashboardThe first step on your new creator dashboard is to set up your creator profile and your Nigerian settlement bank account details pair of bitcoin ruble is indicated in the image below.

Set up your profile ready-made business where to buy a Bank detailsOnce that is done, you can then proceed to upload your first online course. Uploading your online course on KobocourseTo upload your online course, click on the upload a course button and you will be redirected to the course upload page as shown below.

Kobocourse Upload Course FormCourse ThumbnailUpload a thumbnail image for your online course. Supported image file formats are Jpegs and Pngs. Main Course InformationCourse TitleProvide a descriptive title for your online course. Course TypeChoose the type of online course you are uploading. Course CategoryThere is a wide range of categories to choose from on Kobocourse that covers various industries.

Course Sale PriceProvide the selling price for your course. Provide your selling priceWhile you have the freedom to put up your course binarymag ru any price you deem fit, a good rule of thumb is to price your online courses according to your delivery channel and your target audience purchasing power. Discount Pair of bitcoin ruble is TimerYou can set up a countdown sales timer that will be displayed on your course page.

Set up a discount sales timerYou can also choose to pair of bitcoin ruble is your selling price automatically changed to the regular price on your course when the timer expires. Preorder CourseA preorder allows you to upload a course without uploading the course files.

Preorder for Premium Pair of bitcoin ruble is feature is only available to premium members. Click on the upload file button and select the file you want to to rise in, Kobocourse will automatically set the title of the file to the filename being uploaded.

Click upload file to select your course fileTo add more files to your course, click on the Add new file button upload a new file as shown below. Add a new course file fieldContinue this process until all your course files are uploaded and ready to be published.

Click Save Files to save your course filesOnce your files are successfully uploaded, your course undergoes a manual review by our in-house team to ensure correctness and compliance with our terms and conditions including all relevant copyright laws.

ConclusionThis is all it takes to start selling online courses in Nigeria. Create, market and scale your online coaching business. Other posts Jul 24, 2021 EBOOK SECRETS REVEALED: 5 Simple Ways To Find Highly Profitable Ebook Ideas That Sell Like Crazy Learn how to find highly profitable ebook ideas that pair of bitcoin ruble is like crazy in a short time without spending a dime.

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Keep reading to learn pair of bitcoin ruble is to work from home, create and sell content. But, how to really sell online courses. From then on, things have changed a lot. Have you ever stopped to wonder that more and more we have all kinds of information and services in our hands.



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