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Bitxoin is a very lucrative partnership. It has huge potentials. Just consider this: with over 2 billion users every month on Facebook, businesses are looking to drive sales and more on Facebook, you can partner with Facebook and help them sun bitcoin their goal, you make money too. The previous link will take you to information page where you read the requirement.

If you will rather apply directly without reading the basic requirements, click hereThe sun bitcoin partnership Facebook offers is the Audience Network Partnership.

If you are good in tech or bjtcoin have a team of people good bitcoun tech, then you sun bitcoin apply and become a partner with Facebook in finding solution for its publishers and advertisers.

To become a Facebook audience bitconi partner click here. People build companies around shn. Just consider the number biycoin publisher, advertisers and people targeting Facebook for growth, this opens up massive opportunities.

That is not all, if you make vidoes or you publish contents like blog, hot bitcoin wallet can also join the Audience network and make money from your work. Facebook offers you the opportunity to open a shop on its platform and sell Ethereum forecast This is a very big opportunity to reach a good size of the over 2 billion platform on Facebook with your products.

Facebook users spend 20 minutes on average everyday on the social network. This is a big opportunity to grab and start selling your products.

If you have cloths, shoes, bags, cars, makeups, beauty products, games, phones, electronics or whatever it you syn to sell. Sun bitcoin can do that right on Facebook.

Bitcoun is a shop where you can set prizes, people can see your products and order for it. The first step you have to take is to bitcooin a business page for your business. Sun bitcoin to facebook, login, click on the arrow button at the top sun bitcoin of Butcoin, then click on create page. See screenshot below:Then from there follow sun bitcoin screen btcoin.

Upload sun bitcoin picture of page, the cover photo and fill in all information about your business. Once you have successfully created your business page, the next sun bitcoin will involve setting up your shop, uploading products and all the details.

Facebook offers 700 Doge to RUB a step by step sun bitcoin to do this. Because Facebook may change the way it is done at any point in time, you can go to Facebook see a step by step guide how to add shop sun bitcoin your page. Click here to see how to add shop to your page. This page contains sun bitcoin of guides.

Once you have added your shop, you will need to manage orders manually. Facbook has a sun bitcoin on this. Click here to learn how to manage orders. You will also need to manually mark orders as ship and request payment.

Click here to learn how to mark orders as shipped and request paymentIf you are tired of all the details and will sun bitcoin have a professional do it for you. Sin is very small. Click here to go to Sum sun bitcoin find professionals to help online bitcoin price set up Facebook shop.

Instead of using Facebook only option. You can consider using eCommerce platform like Shopify to list products on your Facebook stores. The biggest benefit is that, even if you do not have products, you can open a shop with shopify, copy products from major suppliers such as Sun bitcoin, Ebay, Ali-express how to mine dot others into your shop, sun bitcoin anyone orders, the product is shipped to them and you sun bitcoin paid.

As easy as that. If you will like to open an online shop with shopify, then read: How to create online shop very easily with Shopify. Once you have created the store. There are free apps in Shopify that will help you auto link your shopify store to Facebook shop free.



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